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It is easy to contract our services. We collect you at almost all type of accommodation. Ask us. If you are in a public hostel, we will tell you where to leave your luggage and where to collect it.

  • Call us the day before to tell us where you are staying and where you want us to deliver.
  • At 08.00 luggage should be at reception, and it is not necessary to wait.
  • Before 15.00 your luggage will be delivered to the next point.
  • On the first day we will put a label on each suitcase with your name and our company address.
  • Do not leave bags open or objects dangling.
  • We do not transport luggage with glass bottles or delicate object.
  • The maximum weight for luggage is 15kg (We do not carry luggage with a higher weight, you will have to hire an extra luggage).
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