Conditions of service of luggage transport

These conditions will apply to the services contracted in the absence of specific agreements. By contracting the service you accept and acknowledge the conditions.

The contractual data on the nature of the luggage, name and address of the place of delivery and collection, are provided by it under its responsibility and are not checked by TUITRANS, except at serious risk or order from the competent authority.

The client must ensure that in the accommodations indicated for the delivery and collection of luggage, there will be reception between 08:00 and 15:00 to perform the service.

The provision of services will take place every day from  1 April  to 31 October of each annuity, except for services out of season, previously reserved, at a cost higher than the usual rate. The collection and delivery time is established between 08:00 and 15:00.

The luggage transport service is carried out on the route of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, from O Porto to Santiago de Compostela, a traditional route and a coastal route.

Prepare your luggage and how to book

Correctly identify the luggage with your name and surname here
Luggage must be locked.
The customer must pack and condition the luggage appropriately to protect it during transport.
The accommodations are not responsible for the reservation of the service, the client is responsible for confirming it.
Luggage will be collected and delivered to the reception of each accommodation.
For the delivery and collection of luggage in a private accommodation, you must have a confirmed reservation in this. If you do not have a reservation at any accommodation, we will indicate the delivery and collection points.
We can transport a backpack, suitcase or travel bag.
Please check the items that we cannot transport.
Any luggage that exceeds 15 kg, we do not transport luggage with a higher weight.
The reservation of a service must be made at least the day before before 20:00 h (Spanish time), by phone or email.
The luggage must be at the reception at 08:00, in case of not being within the established hours, we consider the service as canceled without the right to return.
The luggage delivery time will be at 15:00
Any change or cancellation must be notified the day before, by e-mail or telephone, before 20:00. Otherwise, the cost of the service will not be reimbursed.Otherwise, the cost of the service will not be refunded. In any case, all cancellations will have a minimum cost of 25€, as management fees.

We are not responsible for hanging or outside luggage.
Tuitrans may reject luggage that is poorly packaged or identified for transport or that does not have a prior reservation.

Payment of the service

It must be done in advance on the web by credit card, bank transfer or the same day in cash in the morning when you leave the luggage at reception.
Objects that for safety reasons cannot be transported in luggage:

Glass or delicate objects such as computers, tablets, etc.
Fragile, perishable or valuable items such as jewelry or money should not be transported inside the luggage, otherwise we do not cover incidents that occur in these items due to loss or damage.
Make sure that nothing is sticking out of the luggage to prevent it from getting caught, broken or lost, and that it is properly closed.
Any kind of liquids.
The transport of luggage whose content is contrary to the Law or whose transport is subject to special requirements or provisions (weapons, money, funds or effects, toxic, flammable or dangerous materials, explosives, other goods subject to ADR, etc.) is excluded. being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner of the luggage, which expressly exonerates Tuitrans from any responsibility in this regard.
Coverage of our insurance: Loss, theft or theft of luggage

During the transport of your luggage if it is lost or stolen in its entirety, we guarantee the payment of 50€ as compensation.
We are only responsible for your luggage while it is in our possession (during transport), never before or after delivering it.
Parts or accessories of luggage or objects are not compensated. The simple loss of money, jewelry, documents, keys, telephones, laptops… and / or theft / theft of personal items are excluded./ Luggage handles, extenders and wheels will not be covered, Scratches will not be covered.

How to make a claim?

File a complaint with the competent authority at the place and on the day of the events.
Detailed list of lost or stolen objects.
Prove hiring of our service.
Claim period: The deadlines for making a claim for loss or theft will be 12 h from delivery. The actions derived from the transport contract prescribe per year. The claim must be made by any written means.

Any other damage must be verified the same day, otherwise, we cannot accept the claim.

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